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Most Pleasant Surprise

Among the variety of things strewn about the floors of our house every morning, all too often jagged, pointy and seemingly on a mission to find the bare arches of my aching feet, there sometimes lay a pleasant surprise. This morning, in particular, I picked up a literal article and read it while enjoying morning coffee. I'll summarize to keep it brief but share with you its origin. It was produced by, in one form or another, the small private school system my step-daughters attend and that regularly surprises me with how progressive their curriculum is. The big eye opener for me was several years ago, before Mrs. Obama planted an organic garden at the White House, when a transformation of the school kitchen to a 'fresh, daily' lunch program took place. It wasn't perfect. Even in the suburbs it's hard to find the healthiest options in grocery stores or supermarkets. But the approach the program took was educational for all involved and stands to this day. You see, they talked about change. They thought about how to implement it and went about that change. The article, now laying on the kitchen table as I type these words is simply titled "GMOs we.should.know" It speaks to how prone our population is to diabetes and the skyrocketing occurrence of food allergies and autoimmune diseases. It also asks you after reading this information to make your own decision of what to do with it. I guess I shouldn't really be surprised but am so very happy there are still schools that share the important information regarding agriculture, the politics involved, healthy lifestyle choices and the meaning for their future.

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